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IS Defense Gameplay – Sicilian Shores Map

IS Defense Gameplay – Sicilian Shores Map

Hello Gamers! Here is our first gameplay for IS Defense, the first map is the Sicilian Shores Map – you will fight and defend from enemies that landed from the shores. The objectives for this map is you have to kill 2000 Terrorists and destroyed 100 Vehicles.

[arve url=”https://dai.ly/x480mr7_is-defense-gameplay-silician-shores-map_videogames” thumbnail=”850″ title=”IS Defense Gameplay (Silician Shores Map)” description=”Gameplay of IS Defense in Silician Shores Map… To know more read at https://GamingPH.com ” upload_date=”2016-04-30T00:07:14+00:00″]

So far our best time for survival on this map is 15 minutes and scored 1300 points.. Let us know if you get higher score from the game!

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