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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer at E3 2013, Elder Scrolls Online Far From Skyrim & an Interesting Face About Infamous: Second Son

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer at E3 2013, Elder Scrolls Online Far From Skyrim & an Interesting Face About Infamous: Second Son

E3 2013 is just weeks away, and though you know that it will be packed with game releases, demos, and live streaming, it’s still worth something when an official announcement comes just days before the gaming month arrives.

DICE, Battlefield 4 developer, has finally announced that it will be making a show on the E3 2013–but with the added bonus that it will be showing off the multiplayer modes.

According to VG 24/7, all the excitement will happen on June 10, with hands-on play and even match-ups all lined up.

“We’ve heard from millions of fans that multiplayer is what you want to see most–the wait is over,” said the official statement as quoted by VG 24/7.

“E3 2013 will feature hours of Battlefield 4 multiplayer footage; both at the special EA event on June 10th and streaming live from the E3 showroom floor where we will be inviting attendees to play and compete in Battlefield 4 multiplayer.”

What’s more, those who cannot be part of the event need not be left out, as the report adds that special live streaming of footages and live matches will be available, though on what medium or website it will be offered, the details are yet to be announced.

Beyond Skyrim: A look at Elder Scrolls Online

When news that the Skyrim DLC Dragonborn was going to be the last for the Skyrim quest, fans have been hoping to find a glimpse of the well-loved game in succeeding related games.

With The Elder Scrolls Online now on beta testing, it seems that the expectations that it will be another Skyrim game is something that developer Zenimax Online has to deal with.

In an interview with Edge-Online, game director Matt Firor shared that there is a difficulty when transitioning from one game to another, especially with the fans perspective on the game.

“We’re making an Elder Scrolls game, but we’re not making Skyrim 2,” he said to Edge-Online. “We’re not trying to ‘top’ Skyrim. [It’s] a fantastic game–if you wanted to play Skyrim, go play Skyrim, right?”

This does not mean that it doesn’t offer its own strengths, one which fans may even come to appreciate the same way they did Skyrim.

According to Game Informer, one of the strengths of the game lies in the storyline, wherein it boils down to development and detail. Hopefully, this means that Elder Scrolls Online will deliver once it hits the market later this year.

Seeing real people in games

If there’s anything admirable about Infamous: Second Son aside from the story is that the citizens that you’ll encounter are actually based on real live people.

Polygon reports that the chosen in-game participants went through a 3D scanning process using high-definition cameras, capturing movement and facial features down to the detail.

A total of 75 people were scanned and created into pedestrians in a mere three days of production. If you were hoping to be one of them, chances are you won’t see yourself in the game, unless you are a friend, a family member, or a chosen model by the minds behind the game.

Check out Infamous: Second Son, which is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, coming your way on June 10 at the E3 2013.

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