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How to Fixed Installation Problem on Honey Select

How to Fixed Installation Problem on Honey Select

If you are having trouble installing the Honey Select Games, prompting you an error message “エラー ー30氏 ソ一ス 方イ丿L D:\WinRoot\illusion\HoneySelect\ …\obj.unity3d ヵゞ兄つ棚ません。 ファイ 丿Lが存在するヵ丶どうか、 ぉよぴこの フアイ 丿Lへのアクセス樓力鞠るカ灌うかを竈認 してく ださ”. Well, This problem probably occurs if you have the ISO installer of the game and using an Windows 10 OS, the problem is on the installer failing to detect the 2nd installation disk, even if you already loaded the 2nd ISO.


To Fixed this problem:

  1. Install the first ISO disk1 wait until you received the error message (take note which drive appear on error message, in our example its drive D:).
  2. On this point, eject the first ISO disk1 (drive D: should be empty).
  3. Now you have to load the 2nd ISO disk2, disk2 should be loaded on drive D: in order for the installation to complete.
  4. Go back to installation and Press (R) button.
  5. The installation should continue now and will be completed.

* UPDATE 12/3/2016: We fixed the instruction above.

You just need to eject first the first ISO disk1. then load again the 2nd ISO disk2, the Drive letter should be match the error message directory (on our example its Drive D:). If the 2nd ISO match the drive Letter, Press the (R) button to continue the installation and wait until it completes.

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